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Filthy muk Styling Paste offers users the most pliable paste in muk's styling range. It's softer hold allows users to run fingers through the hair without experiencing resistance. If you're looking for a flexible product and have the habit of sweeping hair back throughout the day, this is the ideal product for you!
Also great for users looking for a light-weight product that doesn't weight down on hair.

Remember, close the lid to ensure maximum freshness!

Apply Filthy muk to completely dry hair to achieve maximum texture. This also helps maintain an ultra-low sheen finish. Emulsify between palms thoroughly prior to applying to hair. Style may be locked-in with hair spray without white ‘beading’ occurring. Style won’t drop even in hot, humid conditions.

Filthy muk Styling Paste

  • 95g


    Firm hold
    Gritty finish
    Humidity resistant
    Never flakes
    Water soluble

    Green apple fragrance

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