Is this product right for you?
If you're looking for a fuss-free, all rounder styling product that gives maximum hold, suitable for all hair types and most styling preferences, this is the ideal performance product for you!

This mud based product offers a thicker consistancy which allows one to achieve upstyle hairdos, or styles that typically require sheer holding strength.

The perfect gateway product for one to start exploring muk's comprehensive styling range.



  • Apply Hard muk to completely dry hair to achieve maximum texture. This also helps maintain an ultra-low sheen finish.
  • Emulsify between palms thoroughly prior to applying to hair.
  • Style may be locked-in with hair spray without white “beading” occurring.
  • Style won’t drop even in hot, humid conditions.

Remember, close the lid to ensure maximum freshness!

    Hard muk Styling Mud

    • 95g


      Brutal hold
      Matte, low sheen finish
      Flexible hold
      Humidity resistant
      Never flakes
      Water soluble

      Citrus orange fragrance

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