UPROAR beard oil combines woody cedarwood and frankincense essential oils with the cooling and deodorising properties of eucalyptus. 

Made with natural ingredients UPROAR beard oil keeps your salty whiskers conditioned and in check, whether in or out of the surf. 

Also try as a nourishing aftershave balm 

Available in 10ml

  • Natural Oil to condition without leaving beard greasy
  • Contains Frankincense and Cedarwood Essential oils traditionally used for Antibacterial and anti dandruff
  • Contains Eucalyptus essential oil traditionally used for its deodorising and uplifting properties
  • Black Seed Oil for conditioning and growth
  • Can be used either as a pre-shave or post-shave oil
  • Paraben Free
  • Petrochemical Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • All UPROAR products contribute to 1% for the planet


Is this product right for you?
Perfect for those with the habit of keeping them whiskers in check, nourishing them with wholesomeness for that glorious healthy beard. Also a good starter product for those trying to grow a beard, providing it with much needed essential oils.

UPROAR Natural Beard Oil

  • Here's everything that goes into our Natural Beard Oil

    Fractionated coconut oil - Strips out some of the longer triglycerides from coconut butter to give a clear odourless oil with strong antioxidant and disinfectant properties. It’s very fine so penetrates the hair, nourishes and moisturises.

    Black seed oil - Extracted from the seeds of the owering plant, nigella sativa. A type of buttercup, which goes by a few names including black caraway or black cumin. It has been used by man for thousands of years for a variety of uses both medicinal and culinary and was found in tutankhamun’s tomb to help in the afterlife. We use it to condition and promote hair growth.

    Baobab oil - Cold pressed from the seeds of the african baobab tree. This extraordinary tree can reach 5,000 years in age and is known locally as the ‘tree of life’. It is known to moisturise and nourish the hair.

    Andiroba oil - A seed oil from the carapa tree. Used in the amazon to repel mosquitoes and as a treatment for healthy skin. It’s known to moisturise and promote hair growth.

    Organic essential oils - A special blend of Organic Essential Oils create the fresh scent of UPROAR

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