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Ready to rock that pompadour and make heads turn? Or going for that slick look to pair that fancy suit? Either ways, Slick muk Pomade gets the job done. Great for those looking for that intense gloss to stand out from the crowd.
Unlike hair gel which hardens after application, pomade can be remoulded and combed through throughout the day while maintaining a strong hold.



  • Apply Slick muk to completely dry hair to achieve maximum texture.
  • Emulsify between palms thoroughly prior to applying to hair.
  • Style may be locked-in with hair spray without white ‘beading’ occurring.
  • Style won’t drop even in hot, humid conditions.

Remember, close the lid to ensure maximum freshness!

    Slick muk Pomade

    • 95g


      High gloss finish pomade
      Strong hold
      Humidity resistant
      Never flakes
      Water soluble

      Coconut vanilla bean fragrance

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