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UPROAR natural deodorant combines the fresh citrus tones of grapefruit with the woody notes of rosemary and frankincense. 

Keeping your odour in check whenever and wherever the hills, waves, wheels, and woods collide. 

UPROAR deodorant allows you to sweat freely, whether throwing bar bells around or tearing up trails. Keeping your fresh vibes while you rehydrate.

Great for those looking for a mildly scented deodorant that will not clash with cologne/perfume. Also giving those with sensetive skin an alternative, a shorter ingredient list where unecessary chemicals are not included.

For best results, roll and apply generously under armpits.

UPROAR Aluminum-Free Deodorant

SKU: 0008
    • 100% Aluminum free
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Non Staining and residue free
    • Natural mineral salts to inhibit bacterial growth
    • Fresh and zesty fragrance to uplift and energise
    • Cruelty Free
    • Suitable for airline carry-on
    • All UPROAR products contribute to 1% for the planet
  • Local (Singapore) - Free Courier Delivery / Self-Collection
    International - Additional shipping fee of SGD$25

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